An Amalgam of Sports & Exercise Research

An Amalgam of Sports & Exercise Research

Edited by Gregory T. Papanikos

ISBN: 960-6672-08-5, 364 pages, Hardback
First published in 2006 by ATINER

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An Amalgam of Sports & Exercise Research: An Introduction
Papanikos, G.T.
PART 1 Football
What Makes for Winning Team Performances? Evidence from EURO 2004
Carmichael, F. and Thomas, D.
The Need of Competitive Balance in European Professional Soccer: A Lesson to be learned from the North American Professional Leagues
Dejonghe, T. and Troelsen, T.
The Financial Crisis in Italian Football: Possible Alternatives to Insolvency Proceedings in an Economic Analysis of Bankruptcy Law
Levante, M.
An Exploratory Study of the Presentation of Sport Celebrities in Magazine Ads: A Content Analysis
Gurgen, H. and Katirci, H.
Objectivity in Turkish Sports Journalism
Gosterisli, E.
Studies in Sports Criminology
White, J.
An Investigation into Factors of Transformational Leadership Among 126 Amateur Football Traineers, Working Out of the Eskesehir Office
Bayrak, C. & Celik, O.
PART 2 Sport Marketing, Sponsorship and Sport Events
National Narratives in the Olympic Ceremonies of Athens 2004
Traganou, J.
Consumer Profiles of International Sport Tourist: Economic Impacts and Implications
Scott, A.K.S. and Turco, D.M.
Sports Events and Host Regions: Finding a good Fit
Junod, T.
An Asian City-State Ascends the Olympic Podium? Singapore’s Sociol-Economic Impact from Hosting the 117th IOC Session
Aplin, N., Leong, M.L. and Waters, D.J.
Defining a Hallmark Event Foreign Visitors: A Case Study of F1 Grand Prix Istanbul 2005, Turkey
Cakir, P.G., Yuncu,D.K. and Yuncu H.R.
Measuring the Value of Policies to Protect Sport and Leisure Activities: The Gs Threat to Salmon Angling
Riddington, G. and Radford A.
A Research on the Opinion of the Leading Turkish Companies towards Sport Sponsorship
Bir, A.A. and Suher, K.H.
The Evaluation of Sponsorship Effectivenes: A Content Analysis Study on Televised Formula One Istanbul Grand Prix
Argan, M., Er, I., Kilicer, T. and Ozata Z.
Reflections of the New Sponsorship Regulations in Turkey: Significant Developments in Sports Sponsorship
Argan, M., Er, I., Kilicer, T. and Ozata Z.
The Use of Professional Sport Identity as a Marketing Instrument
Constantinescu, M., Olteanu, V. & Serbanica, D.
The Usage of Interest on Sports Marketing: A Study on Turkish Super League Football Clubs Web Sites in Terms of Marketing
Berber, S., Ekmekci, R. and Kutlu, O.
PART 3 Sports, Health and Fitness#rowspan
Cause-Related Cycling Events and Adult Lifestyle Outcomes: A Preliminary Investigation
Hironaka-Juteau, J.H and Reid, K.
The Use of Exercise Training in the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Case Study
Klentrou, P., van Moorsel, S., Connolly, M. and MacIntosh, S.
Wellness and Health Resuscitation
Cunnius, P.E.
Investing in the Future: Practical Strategies to Promote Wellness in “at – risk” Populations
Bates, A.L. and Thompson, A.
Shape: School-based Healthy Activities Program for Exercise: Phase 2
Tsouloupas, C.N.
Health Behaviours and Bone Strength in Young Females
Di Giovanni, G., Gammage K., Mack, D., and Klentrou P.
The Relaxatory Effect of Differing MET-RI Intensities on Antagonistic Muscles
Iliadi, V.
Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Transdisciplinary Approches to Cardiovascular Health and Disease
St. Pierre, C.M., Broadfield, D., Whitehurst, M., Zoeller, R. & Blanks, R.
Effects of Six Warm-up Protocols on Sprint and Jump Performance
Vetter, R.E.
Controversial Themes in the Study of Femininity and Sport: The Contribution of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
Sydnor, S.