International Research on Sports Economics and Production

International Research on Sports Economics and Production

Edited by Gregory T. Papanikos

ISBN: 960-88672-2-3, 320 pages, Hardback
First published in 2005 by ATINER

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International Research on Sports Economics and Production: An Introduction
Papanikos, G.T.
PART 1 The Economics and Management of Professional Sports
Sport Management in South Africa: The Brand Equity of the South African Super 12 Rugby Brands
Gerber-Nel, C.
Resource-Based View: The Success Factors of English Premiership Football Clubs
De Mel, S.
Ambush Marketing: A Case Study of the Turkish National Football Team
Argan, M. and Suher, K.
Impulse Buying Behavior of Sport Team-Licensed Merchandise
Kircova, I.
The Determinants of Consumer Expenditure on Sports: A Tobit Model
Lera-López, F. and Rapún-Gárate, M.
The Participation of Soccer Spectators During Matches: A Research on Fenerbahce’s Fans in Turkey
Suher, K., Argan, M. and Özer, A.
Forecasting the Professional Team Sporting Events: Evidence from Euro 2000 and 2004 Football Tournaments
Halicioglu, F.
Sponsorship in Sport Organizations: Analyze of Sponsors of Turkish Football Team in 2002 World Cup
Terekli, M.S.
Transfer Market Externalities and the Potential Need to Compensate Soccer Clubs for Releasing their Players to National Team Games
Benz, M.-A. and Franck, E.
Motivation in Sports-NGOs
Aagaard, P.
Sports Broadcasting as Global Cultural Goods or the Listed Events’ Regulation in the EC
Abdourazakou, Y.
Creative Accounting in Italian Football Companies: Ethical Issues and the Impact of International Accounting Standards (IAS) on Listed Clubs
Levante, M.
The Confirmation of Sports Law and the Creation of Sports Criminology
White, J.
PART 2 The Economics and Management of Mega Athletic Events
The Olympic Village of Barcelona: Urban Residential Development and Socio-Economic Impact
Lambiri, D.
Impact of the 2004 Olympic Games on Land Planning and Organisation in Athens
Henry, A. and Gillon, P.
How to Monitor Olympics - Longitudinal Surveys on Winter Olympics: Torino 2006
Guala, C.
Sport and Sport Events as a Driving Forces for Economic and Tourism Development
Weiermair, K. and Mueller, S.
Is ‘Football Tourism’ a Beneficial Alternative for Resort Establishments’ Low Season Applications?
Sezgin, E.
When Sports Become Economics in the Third World: Sport Economics in Ecuador from the Public Sector Point of View
Vela Dávila, S.
PART 3 Sport Production
Sports Associativism, German-Brazilian Identity and the Rise of Sports in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Zarpellon-Mazo, J. and Reppold-Filho, A.R.
Connection Between Theoretical Knowledge of Physical Activity, Attitudes Toward Physical Activity and Physical Activity in Spare Time of Slovenian Youth
Marcina, P., Škof, B., Boben, D., Cecić Erpič, S. and Zabukovec, V.
Culture and Tacit Knowledge in Sport Organizations
Kaiser, S. and Keiner R.
Democratization of Sport and Leisure in Porto Alegre: A Study of Public Policies from 1989 to 2000
Reppold-Filho, A.-R. and Dos Santos, H.-T.