The Economics of Professional Sports and Olympic Games

The Economics of Professional Sports and Olympics Games.

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the Panhellenic Association of Sports Economists and Managers

Edited by: Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos

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PART I: The Economics of Professional Sports
Building for the Rich - Broadcasting to the Poor: How the NBA Responded to a Changing U.S. Economy.
C. Sinclair & P. Philips
Market Forces in European Soccer.
M. Hann, R. H. Koning , & A.van Witterloostuijn
Paradigms in Hungarian Football.
M. Kozma & T. Nagy
The Impact of the Relative Age Effect on Wages in German Professional Soccer: An Exploratory Analysis.
J. Ashworth & B. Heyndels
The Comparison of "Turkish National Team" and "GALATASARAY SK." in the Field of International Competition and Subjective Evaluation of Turkish Football Fans.
E. Or & B. Donuk
Digital and web Broadcasting: Τhe Impact on Attendance of English vs. Greek Premier League Football Games.
E. Margariti
PART II: Olympic Games and Other Sports Issues
An Analysis of the Projected Financial & Economic Impacts of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games on the City of New York and the Greatest New York Metropolitan Region.
K. N. Kovalyscik
Incentive Contracts in Team Sports - Theory and Practice.
T. Heubek & J. Scheuer
Olympic Participation and Performance since 1896.
G. Kuper & E. Sterken
The Emergency of the Female Atlete in Western Culture - Male versus female leadership patterns in sport: Do international sport organizations mirror those of trends established in the U.S.?
K. Stahura and J. Stillwell
Singapore's Organizational Strategies in the Development and Management of a Sport Culture.
D. J. Waters
Commercial Nature of Contemporary Sport.
A. Secot
Applying a Strategy Approach for the Development of Sports Tourism in Greece. A. Katerinopoulos153
Sport structures in Europe - sport and globalisation.
H. Dancs – Szegner